KomaH’s third album is entirely based on the concept of nature’s unforgiving response to human abuse of the planet. Thunderstorms, tsunami’s, cyclones typhoons and earthquakes: that’s what Flashing Nightmare, the band’s third full album, is all about. While the release of the album is set for November 6th.

KomaH LIVE: Think raging riffs, a monstrous wave of hooks and drums and an overwhelming vocal attack hitting you right where it hurts. Think modern metalcore with a unique edge blowing you away, think a mental metal attack wiping away all that stands in its way. Like a cyclone or a tsunami accompanied by thunderstorms, as it were. Think KomaH, hear a Flashing Nightmare on stage!

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This is what KomaH plays Live, just listen!

Taken from the album FLASHING NIGHTMARE

KomaH album cover Flashing Nightmare


Bullets Replaced Words

Flashing Nightmare


Walking Ghosts


Taken from the album BETWEEN VICE AND VIRTUE

KomaH - Between Vice And Virtue

The Birth

A Humbling Experience

Taken from the album STRAIGHT LINE

Straight Line

New Life

Not Alone


LIVE @ TRIX 2014

KomaH Live leny and Jonas (9)

Breaking Horns (Live)

King Of Raptors (Live)