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Denise Jannah - Ella

5179 – Denise Jannah ‘Ella!’ (2015)

Ella: an album with nostalgic Ella Fitzgerald songs.
With her new album Denise Jannah fulfills one of her biggest dreams: recording an album with top musicians: John Engels (drums), Rob van Kreeveld (piano), Hans Mantel (double bass) and Ack van Rooijen (bugle/trumpet).
Denise Jannah is the first Dutch singer who signed a record deal with the famous American jazzlabel Blue Note Records.
She played seven times at the North Sea Jazz Festival and sung for many Royal Families and presidents: Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus, Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima, Ronald Venetiaan, Bill Clinton and Nelson Mandela.
Denise Jannah won two Edisons, a Golden Orpheus in Bulgary en de Bata Anastasijević Award (Serbia). She appeared in several musicals: ‘A Night at the Cotton Club”, ‘Ain’t Misbehavin’ and ‘Joe, the Musical’.
As a jazz singer Denise Jannah belongs to he European top for many years now.

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Filippo Bianchini - Disorder At The Border

5181 – Filippo Bianchi 4-Tet ‘Disorder At The Border’ (2015)

In 2015 Filippo Bianchi, born in Orivieto Italy, records his first album as leader: ‘Disorder of the Border’ with great musicians as Nicola Andrioli on piano, Armando Luongo on drums and Jean-Louis Rassinfosse on bass (and as Special Guest, John Ruocco on tenor sax and clarinet and Rodolfo Neves on trumpet).
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Philip Catherine ea - September Sky

5106 – Philip Catherine ‘September Sky’ (1988)

Since the sixties Philip Catherine was an important musician in European jazz scene. His collaboration with great artists such as Charles Mingus, Chet Baker, Stephane Grappelli, Dexter Gordon, Larry Coryell, Tom Harrell, NHOP, to name a few, his unique style and sound, his dedication to music have been important and undeniable influence on the European contemporary jazz.
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David Linx ea - Where Rivers Join

5109 – David Linx ‘Where Rivers Join’ (1990)

David Linx, talent-packed, it is both lyricist, composer and instrumentalist. But above all, it is the voice of jazz in Europe. A deep groove. A mind-blowing technique.
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The Golden Age Of Belgian Jazz

5121 – The Golden Age of Belgian Jazz ‘(compilation) (2002)

Rare and historic Belglian jazz from the early 20&30ties with David Bee, Peter Packay and Fud Candrix.
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Joe Lovano - Solid Steps

5124 – Joe Lovano ‘Solid Steps’ (1986)

Joe Lovano’s , saxophonist first album under his own name , a reissue of a ‘Jazz Club’ recording. The music for this CD has been recorded in 1986, but deserves special attention.
The star quintet exists alongside the saxophonist himself from trumpeter Bert Joris, pianist Michel Herr, Hein Van de Geyn on bass and drummer Dré Pallemaerts. Except Dré Pallemaerts, all group members also supplied their compositional contribution to this masterpiece.
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Sadi's Big Band - Swing A Little

5125 – Sadi’s Big Band ‘Swing a little’ (2003)

A jazzrecord with the cream of Belgian jazz musicians: ao. Jeannot Morales, Nic. Fisette, Roger Van Haverbeke and Freddy Rottier. The music is big band jazz with scat, vibes and some drumbreaks.
Re-release in 2003 from original recording from 1971.
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Ivan Paduart ea - Herritage

5163 – Ivan Paduart ‘Herritage’ (2012)

Recorded in 2011, a tribute to his friend and colleague Michel Herr; 9 compositions are signed by Michel Herr and interpreted by Ivan, Philip Catherine, Bert Joris, Toon Roos, Philippe Aerts and Hans Van Oosterhout.
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Rony Verbiest Plays Dave Brubeck

5167 – Rony Verbiest ‘Plays Dave Brubeck’ (2012)

Accordionist, bandonéiste and Belgian saxophonist Dave Brubeck honors before his death on 5 December 2012. An interesting approach, arrangements of “Take Five” or “The Duke” on the accordion or bandoneon.
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Verbiest Meets Monk Father & Son - Released

5173 – Verbiest Meets Monk ‘Released’ (2014)

A surprising collaboration with Thelonious Monk Jr., (son of) and excellent drummer. Rony Verbiest accompanied by his musicians: Hans Van Oost and Mario Vermandel.
With new interpretations of the works of Monk Sr. Ruby, My Dear, Round Midnight, Straight No Chaser.
TS Monk about ‘Released’ : This session was one of the most unpretentious and rewarding musical experiences of my life.
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Jack Van Poll, Various - The Composer

5176 – Jack van Poll ‘The Composer’ (2014)

Compilation in honor of Jack Van Poll’s 80th birthday
A group of Jazz musicians and their impression of Jack’s compositions. The result of those recordings is this unique musical gathering of friends bringing his tunes to life.
TRACKS by Viktor Lazlo, Philip Catherine & Rony Verbiest, David Linx, Jef Neve and many more.
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Sofie - Ella to Bacharach

5177 – Sofie ‘Ella to Bacharach’ (2014)

Heartwarming compositions by Burt Bacharach and performances by Ella Fitzgerald are the colorful palette which Sofie found inspiration for this album.
With musicians such as Toots Thielemans, Hans van Oosterhout, Bart Denolf, Producer Hervé Martens created contemporary arrangements of timeless classics such as “I’ll never fall in love again”, “You’ve changed,” “How high the moon”, “Walk on By”,…
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Dee Daniels ea - All Of Me5101DEE DANIELSAll Of Me 5411704051017download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3Fnac_randamazon_fr_logo produit CD
Jack Van Poll ea - Tree-Oh In One5102J. VAN POLL, H. VAN DE GEYN, D. PALLEMAERTSTree-Oh in One 5411704051024download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3Fnac_rand
Deborah Brown ea - Deborah!5103D. BROWN, J. VAN POLL, R. DRUMMOND, K. WASHINGTONDeborahdownload-on-itunesAmazon-MP3Fnac_rand
Jean Toussaint ea - Impressions Of Coltrane5104J. TOUSSAINT, J. REBELLO, R. DRUMMOND, K. WashingtonImpressions Of Coltrane 5411704051048download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3Fnac_randamazon_fr_logo produit CD
North Sea Jazz Tentet - Part One5105NORTH SEA JAZZ TENTETPart One 5411704051055download-on-itunesFnac_randamazon_fr_logo produit CD
Philip Catherine ea - September Sky5106PHILIP CATHERINE, HEIN VAN DE GEYN, ALDO ROMANOSeptember Sky 5411704051062download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3Fnac_randamazon_fr_logo produit CD
Jack Van Poll ea - Catsgroove5107JACK VAN POLL, RED MITCHELL, ED THIGPENCats Groove 5411704051079download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3amazon_fr_logo produit CD
Klaus Ignatzek ea - Eight Languages5108K. IGNATZEK, C. RODITI, G. BERGALLI, J-L RASSINFOSSE, L. LOWEEight Languages 5411704051086download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3
David Linx ea - Where Rivers Join5109DAVID LINXWhere Rivers Join5411704051093download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3Fnac_randamazon_fr_logo produit CD
Hein Van De Geyn Meets Lee Konitz5110LEE KONITZ & HEIN VAN DE GEYNHein Van De Geyn meets Lee Konitz 5411704051109download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3Fnac_randamazon_fr_logo produit CD
Barry Harris - Solo5111BARRY HARRISSolo download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3amazon_fr_logo produit CD
Ben Sluijs Quartet feat. Stacy Rowles - Till Next Time5112BEN SLUIJS-QUARTET featuring STACY ROWLESTill Next Time 5411704051123download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3Fnac_randamazon_fr_logo produit CD
Mark Murphy - Another Vision5113MARK MURPHYAnother Vision 5411704051131download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3Fnac_randamazon_fr_logo produit CD
Toon Roos Quartet - The Human Feel5114TOON ROOS-QUARTETThe Human Feel5411704051147download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3Fnac_randamazon_fr_logo produit CD
Joe Van Enkhuizen Benny Green - The Ellington Legacy5115BENNY GREEN & JOE VAN ENKHUIZENThe Ellington Legacy5411704051154download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3Fnac_randamazon_fr_logo produit CD
Martin Wind ea - Gone With The Wind5116MARTIN WIND, BILL MAYS, KEITH COPELANDGone With The Wind 5411704051161download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3Fnac_randamazon_fr_logo produit CD
Spike Robinson - Spike & Strings5117SPIKE ROBINSONSpike & Strings 5411704051178download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3Fnac_randamazon_fr_logo produit CD
Jack Van Poll ea - Injacktion5118JACK VAN POLL with the Orchestra of E. VERSCHUEREN & D. DANIELSInjacktion 5411704051185download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3Fnac_randamazon_fr_logo produit CD
September Jazz The Collection5119SEPTEMBER JAZZ (Various) The Collection 5411704051192amazon_fr_logo produit CD
Michel Herr & Jack Van Poll - A Tribute To Belgian Jazz5120MICHEL HERR & JACK VAN POLLA Tribute To Belgian Jazz 5411704051208download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3Fnac_randamazon_fr_logo produit CD
The Golden Age Of Belgian Jazz5121THE GOLDEN AGE OFBelgian Jazz5411704051215download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3amazon_fr_logo produit CD
Eric Legnini ea - Natural Balance5122ERIC LEGNININatural Balance 5411704051220download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3amazon_fr_logo produit CD
Michael Hatzi ea - Some Sounds5123ERWIN VANNSome Sounds5411704051239download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3Fnac_randamazon_fr_logo produit CD
Joe Lovano - Solid Steps5124JOE LOVANOSolid Steps 5411704051246download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3Fnac_randamazon_fr_logo produit CD
Sadi's Big Band - Swing A Little5125SADI'S BIG BANDSwing A Little5411704051253download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3Fnac_randamazon_fr_logo produit CD
The Golden Age Of Belgian Jazz Volume 25127THE GOLDEN AGE OF (Vol 2)Belgian Jazz 5411704051277download-on-itunesFnac_randamazon_fr_logo produit CD
Tuesday Night Orchestra - Band Of Birds5128TUESDAY NIGHT ORCHESTRABand of Birds5411704051284download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3Fnac_randamazon_fr_logo produit CD
JF Maljean - Latin One5129JEAN FRANCOIS MALJEANLatin One 5411704051291download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3amazon_fr_logo produit CD
Paulus Potters Trio & Milan Bonger - The Young Disciples2610PAULUS POTTERSThe Young Disciples 5411704026107download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3Fnac_randamazon_fr_logo produit CD
Paulus Potters - L Amour Est Bleu5160PAULUS POTTERSL'Amour Est Bleu5411704051604download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3Fnac_randamazon_fr_logo produit CD
Tuesday Night Orchestra - In A Little Provincial Town5161TUESDAY NIGHT ORCHESTRAIn A Little Provincial Town5411704051611download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3Fnac_randamazon_fr_logo produit CD
Ivan Paduart ea - Herritage5163IVAN PADUART TRIO Herritage5411704051635download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3amazon_fr_logo produit CD
Krin Ottelohe ea - Nothing Really Ends5165KARIN OTTELOHENothing Really Ends5411704051659download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3amazon_fr_logo produit CD
JF Maljean and Friends - Apormidjusofir5166JEAN FRANCOIS MALJEANAh Por Mi Djus Sos Fîr 5411704051666download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3amazon_fr_logo produit CD
Rony Verbiest Plays Dave Brubeck5167RONY VERBIESTPlays Dave Brubeck5411704051673download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3Fnac_randamazon_fr_logo produit CD
Ivan Paduart Plays Burt Bacharach5169IVAN PADUART Plays Burt Bacharach5411704051697download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3Fnac_randamazon_fr_logo produit CD
Pierre Anckaert Tom Van Dyck 4-Tet - Union Match5170PIERRE ANCKAERT/TOM VAN DYCK 4-TETUnion Match5411704051703download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3Fnac_randamazon_fr_logo produit CD
Yvonne Walter - Bitter Sweet, Remembering Ann5171YVONNE WALTERBitter Sweet5411704051710download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3amazon_fr_logo produit CD
Verbiest Meets Monk Father & Son - Released5173VERBIEST MEETS MONKReleased5411704053134download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3Fnac_randamazon_fr_logo produit CD
Jack Van Poll - Just Friends (Live At The Crypt)5174JACK VAN POLLJust Friends - Live at the Crypt5411704051741download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3amazon_fr_logo produit CD
Robert Jeanna Quartet - Awevalet5175ROBERT JEANNE QUARTETAwevalet5411704051758download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3Fnac_randamazon_fr_logo produit CD
Jack Van Poll, Various - The Composer5176JACK VAN POLLThe Composer5411704051765download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3Fnac_randamazon_fr_logo produit CD
Sofie - Ella to Bacharach5177SOFIEElla To Bacharach5411704051772download-on-itunesAmazon-MP3Fnac_randamazon_fr_logo produit CD
Denise Jannah - Ella5179DENISE JANNAHElla!5411704051796download-on-itunes
Laurens B - Loulou5180LAURENS' BLoulou5411704051802download-on-itunes
Filippo Bianchini - Disorder At The Border5181FILIPPO BIANCHINI 4-TETDisorder At The Border5411704051819download-on-itunes